Carissa Ashly

As a teacher and healer, I consider myself to be a “facilitator”. I serve as an active conduit for healing and growth through movement, somatic, and energy therapies. During my undergraduate study of dance at the University of Minnesota, my education included instruction of various somatic therapies and practices, after which I went on to earn my STOTT Pilates Certification and NASM Personal Training Certification. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2014, I began building a Pilates clientele that has grown to include individuals of all age groups and levels of physical ability. I serve a broad spectrum of client needs, including physical rehabilitation, fitness training, and psychological exploration and support. It has been my experience, that physical barriers and discomfort are often a result of psychosomatic manifestations brought on by trauma, underlying emotions, or physical patterning. Thus, I implement a holistic approach that combines energy healing, somatic coaching, and Pilates, to encompass both the psychological and physical needs of my clients.


I have experience working with an extremely diverse clientele. Some examples of focus include:

  • Injury rehabilitation 

  • Trauma resolution

  • Prenatal/Postnatal 

  • Core strengthening/stabilizing

  • Breath work

  • Body integration


Mindful Healing Touch

The mission of Mindful Healing Touch is to provide a mindfully curated program for healing and growth based on the client's individual goals, preferences, and somatic history. By creating multiple access points to my work, I will meet each client exactly where they are and use my expertise to guide their next steps toward their goals. I strongly believe that we have the power to heal ourselves in many ways through education and movement. 


Michelle L.

Carissa is incredibly intelligent and intuitive! I had a session with her over Facetime and even in the virtual sphere she was able to clearly articulate physical and energetic cues verbally. She was also able to effectively observe my body and offer adjustments and corrections. She created a lesson plan for our hour long session that was specifically tailored for my body, to help me improve my alignment and strength but also play with fluidity and improvisation. After moving together, we were able to debrief on my physical experience as well as any emotional and energetic responses that came up for me. I left the session feeling grounded and excited for more exploration.  


Carissa calls upon her wealth of knowledge in pilates, Reiki, and dance to create a beautiful somatic and emotional experience.

Christina P. 

My session with Carissa was amazing. In addition to bringing relief to my injured shoulder, my resting heart rate dropped (and now, three days later, it’s still a couple of BPMs lower than it was before the session), I left feeling energized, relaxed and happy. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Norma D. 

My first exposure with Reiki was amazing! I’ve experienced several life-threatening health issues the last two years that have wreaked havoc on my body and mind.  After learning about Reiki from Carissa, I decided to take an “alternative” route to healing. The session with Carissa produced a level of relaxation I have never experienced before!  My body felt “relieved” of all the tension/aches that have resulted from myriad of surgeries and various medical procedures. Better than that, my mind was finally calm.  I steadfastly believe in mind over matter. Reiki is another tool in my arsenal that I will be utilizing in my battle for a healthy body and mind.

Brendan D.

I had an hour long session with Carissa, and it was incredible. I’m new to somatic work and she was so warm and professional, guiding me through each step. Her intuition was spot-on (from FaceTime no less) about how my body was responding to each of the exercises.  Even after one session, I spent the rest of the day feeling grounded and clear headed.  I truly believe everyone has something to gain from this type of work. 

Dustin S. + Mindia L.

Our first experience with pilates was both educational and healing. Carissa’s live session had us in positions where we felt comfortable and challenged without being overwhelmed. I appreciate the level of education and professionalism she shares during the session which explains each movement and exactly how it helps your body. She clearly addresses potential limitations and areas where you can push yourself even farther, making this a great class for all levels. I highly suggest this program to anyone, particularly people looking to strengthen their core and relieve fatigue from daily static positions.

Abby C.

My session with Carissa gave me the clarity I was seeking. I was feeling lost and honestly, a bit traumatized with what was happening with me in my life, and the courage that Carissa brought to my session allowed me to see a pathway back to my true self. Her intuition is spot on, and her willingness to do what is needed energetically allowed for me to feel more whole and at peace during and after my session. I remember me!

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