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Healing manifests in different ways, all led by you.

Mindful Healing Touch inspires and requires an authentic curiosity about mindfulness, movement, and embodied learning. Engaging with Pilates, somatic coaching, meditation, and energy healing through this platform, you can build your own experience that best suits your unique somatic blue print, physical and mental needs, and personal goals. The framework of Mindful Healing Touch is designed to educate and empower you to use your own body as your guide and teacher. By providing the opportunity for self-guided or highly curated one-on-one experience, you are given the chance to determine your own pace to best support you.


Carissa Ashly aka

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I am a mover, an innovator, a healer, an artist, a dreamer. I am deeply committed to learning and evolving towards a better version of myself and what I do. My movement journey began with a passion for dance, which led me to a career in Pilates, which morphed into an ever evolving study of how to best empower others in their journey to healing their body in a holistic way and thriving in pursuing their goals.  After struggling with mental health related issues, and not finding my solace with (exclusively) talk therapy, I was exposed to the life changing rewards of somatic therapy and found my own healing journey was rooted in body, not just my mind. It's become my mission to help others heal through an intersection of modalities. No two bodies process trauma the same; No two healing journeys look the same.

The means through which I support clients evolves as I do. While pursuing my BFA in dance from the University of Minnesota I trained in multiple somatic and movement modalities. I also certified in STOTT Pilates during the time of pursuing my undergraduate degree. Once I began teaching Pilates, I wanted to broaden my understanding of physical training and certified as a personal trainer. After training bodies both in Pilates and personal training for a few years I saw that most bodies are in need of healing, as much or more than they are in need of "fitness/exericise". I began energy healing work intuitively and eventually got certified in Reiki. When I saw the need for an even more holistic approach to serving my clients I took courses in life coaching. I'm currently enrolled in the Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate Program with The Embody Lab.

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