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somatic based


Each month I will host a live 60 minute workshop exploring somatic practices that teach principles of embodiment, breathing exercises, stress management skills, mindfulness techniques, and movement experiences.

These workshops will serve as a monthly grounding and centering practice for you to stay connected with your body as you build your business and manage the day-to-day stresses of being an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur myself, I'll be pairing my extensive knowledge of mindfulness, the body, trauma healing, and somatic therapy with my experiences as an entrepreneur to deliver workshops specifically catered to those of us who aren't settling for anything less that our wildest dreams.

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In order to get the best answers, we need to ask the best questions. If you've ever felt stuck personally or professionally and someone asked you just the right question, you know what I mean.

Each month I will deliver a series of journal prompts that help you get connected to your body and intuition so creativity can flow more freely. As entrepreneurs, it can be easy to get stuck in our mind, but our body holds answers our mind can't.

Each month's journal prompts will help you get in tune with your body's signals and help your powerful mind work in tandem with your embodied intuition.

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facebook group

for building community

One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur has been connecting with other entrepreneurs. I believe in uplifting others in the process of building our own unique empires. Personally, most of my business comes from relationships, referrals or in-person meetings and I've found online Facebook groups with thousands of people overwhelming, never quite sure of what expectations are, or how to build meaningful connections without feeling spammy.


So I decided to build my own. The intention for this group is to build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who value self-care and are looking to build a meaningful business without the burnout. The way I believe we build without burnout is by building networks of support.

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access to

all previous

+ future recordings

As an entrepreneur, you're busy. I get it. I've signed up for countless trainings that I couldn't attend live or never watched the replay for because I got too overwhelmed.


That's why I made this simple. It's just once a month. That's enough to get a really valuable piece of knowledge paired with enough time to implement. You can choose to login and partake at any time of the month that works for your (likely ever-changing) schedule and if you miss a month (or two) you can catch up anytime.

The journal prompts will also be available for all past months as well, and sometimes you may want to come back to previous prompts to see how you've evolved and grown.



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